Meet the queen of braids!

1:07 PM

Meet the Queen of Braids: Kirsten Zellers. This 22-year old beaut from the state of New Hampshire is one to take on the loop if you’re looking for inspiration on the latest fashion trend. What’s not to love? This babe is not all about the pretty face.

Check out one of our favorite picks: we’re totally crushing on how she styled this blue criss cross lace down playsuit that’s perfect to set the mood for any day stroll.

For the love of fashion and beauty, she has learned how to sew at an early age and finally make her own clothes. For all the DIY savvy out there, you’ll definitely fall in love with her made-easy DIY sessions as she works her way to inspire you to look stylish using some fashion tricks and hacks.

Can’t get enough of her? See the rest of her style at

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